Izazov: Izaberi zadatak, budi promjena

Celebrating 20 years of peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the US Embassy in 2015 conducted “Izazov: Izaberi zadatak, budi promjena'' campaign across the country. The aim of the campaign was to involve 20,000 volunteers in activities for improvement of their local communities such as the projects of environmental protection and cleaning action, helping people who need help, mentoring, cultural and entertainment activities, etc. After successfully conducted campaign and the results achieved, the US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina highlighted the excellent work of formal and informal groups that participated in the campaign. MaŠta agency organized invitation, arrival and accomodation in Sarajevo of all representatives from the formal and informal groups from across BiH. They participated at the closing ceremony in the National Museum, in November 2015, where they were given letters of thanks for participation in “Izazov: Izaberi zadatak, budi promjena'' campaign.


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